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Looking back on 2015

Recently I’ve been trying to buy my own slice of London pie. Whilst wading through loads of viewings, I came across some shocking places, while the nice properties were snapped up at a mind-boggling pace.

New apartments are springing up in London all the time. Sometimes I wonder who these new homes will go to and how they will add to the great story that is London. What are the key driving points for people when choosing their location? London’s alluring features have created this city’s infamous property market. This is a market known for its extremes from glass penthouses to shoebox size rooms barely big enough to house a fridge.

All in all, it is exciting to go out there and see what you can get for your money. And while enquiring, you are prompted to deal with dozens of brokers, haggle over the price or go sealed-bidding while keeping your fingers crossed. And when you think you are one foot in your new home, you will get to know the pleasure of being gazumped. Being what?! I once asked. It is a heartbreaking experience, and shockingly, there aren’t any regulation in place that would protect buyers. The process of buying a property in London feels like driving a car in heavy traffic with no traffic lights working.

On the up-side properties offer Londoners more than a roof over their head. It gives them a sense of ownership and a great opportunity for investment.

Having been an estate agent, my approach to property search was slightly different, as I had no clue about the London scene, which is why it proved so interesting to explore.

I viewed 55 flats across nine boroughs, until I found the one that finally ticked all the boxes and much to my surprise, the deal made it all the way through to completion last month. Right now, as I’m reflecting on this year’s achievements, stretched across my sofa, I decided to give a little tap on my back.

It’s been a great year and above all, I launched my new website, which has long been in the making and redesigning. I’m pleased to finally call my new, virtual home.

Post date: 31 December, 2015

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