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    How to take award-winning travel photos using your phone

    I just came back from giving a talk to Stylist Live on how to take the best travel photos with your phone. I’m a little tired, but happy it went well and got some good questions, such as ‘what apps do I use for editing pictures’.

    You can read my answer to this, along with other tips featured on the magazine website:

    Remember, learning about your camera is the best investment you can make before your travel. But why before and not during, or after?

    My previous boss has paid a lot of money for a DSLR camera to capture his family’s best moments as they went on camel riding to the desert. He shot for hours, and all he got was hundreds of overexposed shots with white faces all over! Oops. He regretted not learning anything about his camera, which somewhat spoiled the experience, let alone this made it for everyone (including the camel) a useless object to carry!

    You must have heard similar stories, or even have your own version of the ‘Ohh, I wish I knew what I was doing’! This is why it’s so important to gain more knowledge about your camera before (and not during, or after) your holiday. Practice, practice and make all those mistakes at home (cheap!) not on your holiday adventures.

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