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Posting now regularly

It’s the end of month, so here I come again with a new post. Let me stop you right here, as I just can’t help thinking about this ‘end of month – new post’ thing, and how it developed in the first place. It’s funny how significant we can get about deadlines, but there is more to why I post at the end of each month than just a ‘dead’ line.

I’m sure you figured it out already that you’re not reading yet another avid blogger’s site, but a photographer’s website, which explains some of the laziness around blogging. Simply put, we like clicking cameras, not pens.

When I remade my website, I couldn’t help feeling a sense of Tamagotchi around having a Blog, which would obviously need feeding regularly, otherwise it will die, and if it’s dead, then not only that I will feel guilty, but all my visitors can smell my ‘dead’ Blog, which then will give a lot worse overall look. Alright, so who would want that?

I then thought about how regularly I would post. Once a week, or once in a fortnight?

If worst comes to worst, postig once a month shouldn’t be a big deal, even with my procrastination habits (putting things off until tomorrow, and tomorrow, and… ops, there’s actually no more day in the month! Thanks to Julius Caesar).

Some people say, it doesn’t matter how often, as long as it’s a regular thing. So, let’s make a deal. I get my next post out by the very last day of each month (easy to remember!) and you set up a reminder in your phone to check my blog on the last day of each calendar month. Are you in?

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