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Beginners Tuition

Perhaps you’ve already bought a couple of photography books that are gathering dust on the shelf having failed to make an impression. If you prefer self-education to shelf education, you most likely need some quality tutoring help to get you back on track.

You could opt for large group workshops, but you already know you’ll be fighting for the teacher’s attention amid a bunch of other eager students. This will probably be a one-off experience where your previously boosted motivation starts fading away.

One-on-one tuition is the answer.

I will tailor our sessions according to your needs and we will meet on a regular basis. This structure naturally develops your photography skills and takes your creativity to an even higher level.

Finding the teacher you feel most comfortable with is vitally important at the beginning. The right person should be engaging, inspiring and make the session fun and memorable.
This is the foundation for optimising your abilities and allowing you to achieve noticeable improvement – to express yourself freely through a lens.

To find out more about how we can work together, and see the various ways I could help you, please request a free consultation providing your email or phone contact via here or send an email to