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Urban Photography workshops

Next available date: Please ask me [CONTACT HERE]

Time: 11.00am – 15.00pm (half day) | Location: Shoreditch, London

  • One photographer £150
  • Two photographers total: £160 (£80 / person)
  • Three photographers total: £180 (£60 / person)

Who is the workshop for?
Ideally you are someone with a practical knowledge of your camera wanting to get more creative with your photos.

The workshop
– Illustrates the differences between Street and Urban photography
– Explores the many areas of Urban Photography
– Reveals the environment in more creative ways
– Visits a diverse range of photographic locations
– Helps enhancing your photos using Ida’s Photoshop tutorials

The 4-hour-session includes:

One-hour-introduction to Urban Photography. We meet in a café in Shoreditch, where I will talk you through the categories of Urban Photography showing some examples of my work. Allowing time to discuss any questions you might have, then we are off to shoot for about 2 hours.

Two-hour-practice. Based on a set assignment, we will really get to work and practice what we learned. We can stop for a short break for a sandwich/ beverage halfway (optional).

One-hour-feedback. I will upload your photos to my laptop and evaluate a selection of your best shots; discussing the composition, techniques and how you can further improve your photos. You will also receive printed Photoshop tutorials based on my tips to develop your post-production skills.

To register an interest in this workshop, please contact me HERE or send an email to