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Tips For Taking The Best Smartphone Photos

Taking photos with a smartphone isn’t just about selfies and snaps of nights out on the town. It is possible to use your smartphone to take some really great high quality photos that you can treasure forever or even sell on to other photography enthusiasts. Most people have a smartphone on them at all times, making it a much more convenient tool than a bulky camera, as long as you know how to get the best from the camera features on your phone. Here are a few tips to help you get started if you are interested in developing your smartphone photography skills.

Experiment with your phone’s camera settings

Most people snap a picture on their phone without knowing half of the camera’s capabilities. The best way to get to know what your smartphone can do is to experiment with all the settings available. Get to know how each setting differs under different conditions, and work out which settings result in the best pictures. You’ll then be prepared to take the best picture when you find a subject that you find interesting.

Use natural light

Using the flash on your camera does not create the best effect for your picture. It can give photos unwanted glare or ruin the colours of the subject; it overall kills the atmosphere. It is far better to use any existing light available, whether it is from a natural or artificial source. Just make sure you position your shot so the light illuminates your subject rather than fighting against harsh lighting by taking your shot directly in front of it.

Avoid using the zoom feature

Using the zoom on your smartphone is guaranteed to result in a poor quality, pixelated picture as the digital control only increases the size of subject you are focusing on, and crops out the rest of the background. In order to take a great picture with a zoom feature, you will need an extendable lens, otherwise it is far more effective to take your shot fully zoomed out and then adjust and crop out the parts you don’t want afterwards.

Organise your photos

If you have taken a number of photos with your smartphone, you will need to find a way to manage them so they don’t take up too much valuable memory space. There are many free and paid apps available, such as Google Drive or DropBox, which allow you to save and organise your photos in folders, create backups and transfer them to your computer or tablet. This will then give you more space on your phone to take as many pictures as you like without having to worry about storage.

Sell your photos

Once you have mastered the art of smartphone photography, you’ll want to share your pictures, and why not make a bit of extra money at the same time? There are plenty of apps available to help you sell your photos, including Snapwire and Dreamstime, both of which are free to use. You just upload your photos and wait for a customer to snap them up.

Post date: 29 February, 2016

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